Storm Damage


Our experts will take care of the damage.

Repairing Your Property After Destructive Weather Events

Insurance claim? Not sure where to start? We can help. Advanced Building and Design specializes in storm damage repair, including roofing, gutters, siding, windows, and all home exterior-related damage.

The simple explanation

We have worked with insurance companies throughout Eastern Iowa, and we know the process well. Having us work directly with your insurance company can prevent overlooked items and ensure all costs are paid for by the insurance company. We work off the insurance pricing, agreeing to do the work for what the insurance company pays. The only out-of-pocket expense is your deductible!

hail pic

Hail damage, with a quarter for scale


Hail damage

Shopping for the cheapest estimate?

Keep in mind that if other roofing companies’ estimates were lower than the insurance adjusters summary report, the insurance company keeps the savings, not the homeowner. This is a reminder for the homeowner that quality and service are of top priority and it is the homeowner’s choice who does the work.

scope of work

To begin, we will need a copy of your insurance adjuster’s summary report for review. This is also known as the “scope of work.” If the report is fairly evaluated and reported accurately, a contract will be submitted to the insurance company from Advanced Building and Design specifying all work to be completed. If something is missed or inaccurate by the insurance adjuster, a supplement will be added notifying them of the item. Again, there isn’t any out-of-pocket expense.

In short, our involvement takes out the uncertainty and leaves you with everything that you’re entitled to. Implementing the insurance toward what it was intended for, not cutting corners, and using quality materials.