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Flat roof construction and repair

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Single Ply Membrane

Single-ply roofing systems consist of a single layer of high-tech roofing material to cover your roof. Materials used include:

  • EPDM: an elastomeric rubber roofing membrane
  • TPO: a high quality, reinforced membrane with superior tear strength and stability
EPDM: an elastomeric rubber roofing membrane Waterloo,Cedar Falls,Waverly,Cedar Valley

EPDM: an elastomeric rubber roofing membrane

Your membrane will be attached in one of three ways:

  • Fully Adhered System:a butyl-based adhesive that firmly secures the membrane to the substrate
  • Mechanically Attached System: special fastening plates are placed in various patterns based on building height, geographic locale, deck type, and building usage
  • Ballasted System: loose gravel or interlocking pavers keep the membrane in place
ISO Tapered Insulation Systems Waterloo,Cedar Falls,Waverly,Cedar Valley

ISO Tapered Insulation Systems

We are a Factory installer offering 10-30 year Factory warranties!

ABD specializes in ISO Tapered Insulation Systems. Not only does the insulation result in energy savings, the tapered panels also provide added drainage to eliminate many problems inherent with flat roofs.

Visit the Mule-Hide products page to find out about the product options that we offer for flat roofs.

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