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Flat roof structures

Considering roof replacement?

Advanced Building and Design can handle all of your roofing needs! For over 25 years we have been successfully building relationships in Eastern Iowa, specializing in Marion, Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Our team believes in superior customer service, efficiency, and quality with every project we do. Our hard work has produced an extensive list of customers that are willing to advertise for us. We strongly encourage you to speak with them.

ABD has a thorough understanding of roofing components and proper installation techniques. Therefore, we are the preferred company of many building officials, product vendors, and general contractors. These professionals frequently see the high level of quality workmanship that goes into every project, which has allowed us to be accepted as authorized installers for many products.

Ask about our Lifetime Warranty

As authorized installers, we are able to provide you with warranties and benefits that very few contractors can offer. In order to maintain our authorizations, we must continually attend thorough training courses and produce a higher standard of work.

Does your roof need professional help?

Roofing repairs, shingles, gutters Roofing repairs, shingles, gutters Roofing repairs, shingles, gutters Roofing repairs Roofing repairs

If you have damage to your roof, our experienced and trained estimators take a responsible and thorough approach to assess your roof condition. Whether you simply need the roof repaired or need a full replacement, ABD will offer an appropriate solution to restore your roof to new again!

Your roof is the most important element of protecting your home or business. A leaking roof can easily cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage if it isn’t dealt with quickly and correctly. Please feel free to call with any questions and request a free quote. We look forward to doing business with you.

Costly Low Bid Mistakes

Year after year we receive calls from people who have had their roof replaced within the last 1-5 years and are experiencing premature roof failures. Poor installation, coupled with the cheapest roofing materials, seems to be the trend with these failures. What we find is the lowest bid and the quickest start date are all too often the biggest deciding factors in many of these cases. Along with poor installation, the original contractor refuses to warranty the work, or worse yet, is nowhere to be found or out of business.

Picking the right company for the job isn’t always about the lowest price. Although we try to be as competitive as possible, we can’t always be the cheapest. Trying to compete in pricing with the contractor that doesn’t warranty its work or take care of its customers can be difficult.

Always keep in mind the big picture. Your roof is a long term investment, meant to last 30-50 years. Roofs not only have to look good, they have to function properly too.

Here are some tips:

  • Check the Better Business Bureau
  • Receive a high end warranty
  • Check references


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